HT50 Kitchen System Design by Massimo Castagna

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Designed by Massimo Castagna, kitchen HT50 revisited modernism – a theme that has always been particularly dear to Rossana. Those model of portal kitchen gave rise to a many quality and highly successful products made by Rossana in the 1980s.

The work area is conceived as a niche demarcated between the base units and wall units and as deep as the base units themselves. The niche is furnished with under wall unit elements, open compartments, and countertop containers with coordinated finishes, to create individual functional areas. Pure, minimal and elegant styling, a widespread use of servo-assisted door technology (with electrically motorised “push-pull” doors). The use of high-quality materials is trademark element of the philosophy, aesthetic and mission of Rossana. This kitchen model comes to create something extraordinary that goes beyond the concept of minimalism. The HT50 kitchen system also allows many other configurations enabling an outstanding degree of freedom to create personalised solutions.