Concrete One-story House

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The one-story house, which has impressive diagonal views of Lake Zurich and the Alps, is situated on the upper edge of the village, on a longish, slightly sloping site. The construction is defined by a guide wall and angular concrete wall establishing the diagonal panorama towards the lake.

The differentiated composition of horizontal and vertical elements confers a sculptural quality to the protective structure. Arranged behind, an open glass and oak front relates interior with exterior spaces. At different times of the day, multiple situations converge here, in terms of space and light. The limestone concrete, with sharp edges and smooth finish, anchors the building to the ground. Raising the living level slightly above the surroundings, provides more intimacy in the private areas. The glass facade is tightened room-high to the two cantilever concrete slabs.

Fixtures are built in floor to ceiling as structural elements, which gives a certain generosity to the interior.The choice of materials is austere and reduced, enabling to perceive the nuances in the light ambiances with greater intensity. via